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Welcome to t2 apprenticeships. We help young people find the jobs they need to achieve what they want in life and further their career through apprenticeships.

What we do

Our talented team of recruitment consultants, tutors and personal development managers can help you find a job with training through an apprenticeship


If you are currently working we can help you further your career through a tailored package of training and development on the job through an apprenticeship

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Helping you become more involved in how we can
meet your needs

We aim to ensure that we involve you in what we do in any way we can.

When you have your first contact with t2 you will be allocated an Account Manager who will be responsible for ensuring you have a good experience with us.

This Account Manager will be with you throughout your journey, whether you are an employer or learner ensuring we meet your needs and constantly get feedback to enable us to improve what we do.

We also ask for your involvement and feedback in many other ways.

If you are an employer:

  • At the initial organisational needs analysis we conduct with you about your company
  • At each review we carry out with your learners to gain feedback about their progress
  • Through regular verbal feedback on the telephone each time you speak to your Account Manager
  • Each six months through a questionnaire that is posted to all employers
  • Through our dedicated password protected client website, where we have an on-line questionnaire
  • At final reviews when we have completed the learning

View our full Employer Involvement Strategy

If you are a learner:

  • At Initial Guidance when we first meet you to discuss you needs and aspirations for the learning
  • At regular progress reviews throughout your learning to ensure you are progressing
  • When our quality team observe our PDMs (Assessors) assessing you to ensure they are doing a good job
  • Each six months through a questionnaire that is posted to all learners
  • Through our learner voice section on each website
  • At final reviews when we have completed the learning

View our full Learner Involvement Strategy

Your views are very important to us, we analyse all the information we gather quarterly and this is fed back to the whole team enabling us to improve everything we do and ensure we meet your needs.


Want to speak to someone else, below is a list of wider Support Services to help you

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Click here to access a wide range of Health and Well-being advice


Information for Learners and Employers

Would you like to find out more about our approach to Equality and Diversity, ESDGC (Education for Sustainable Development
and Global Citizenship), Welsh Language or about becoming more involved in how we can meet your needs.
To Access our Learner Portal Click Here and to Access our Employer Portal Click Here.